Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Challenge #185 - "Yellow, Orange and Brown"

Good morning and happy Tuesday!  I am running a few minutes late because I forgot it is Tuesday - DUH!  But here goes.....
First, our top 3 for challenge #183.  I guess I am getting senile in my old age (LOL) and did not remember to ask the designers for help.  So these are my choices.

Beautiful cards, ladies!  Thanks to you and to everyone else who participated.

Now for this week's sketch:
Our theme is "yellow, orange and brown" but remember, you do not have to use it if you don't want.
Now let's see what the team came up with:

Great cards, team!  As always, your creations are a real inspiration and I am sure that we will see some awesome work from the crafters out there as well.  Thanks so much for your beautiful designs!
Now, followers, it is all up to you.....I cannot wait!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Challenge #184 - Back To School

Good day to everyone out there!  Hope September has been a great month so far.  
We begin with our top 3 from challenge #182.  Once again, the entries were stunning.  Here are the choices by the team:

Wow!  These - and  all the entries- were simply gorgeous.  Thanks to all who participated.

And now, on with this week's challenge.  Our theme, should you choose to incorporate it, is Back To School (a relief for a lot of moms out there).  And here is our sketch:
Our inspirations from the team:

The cards from the team are gorgeous (as always) and cannot help but inspire you to create some beauties of your own.  Use the theme or not, it is totally up to you.  I cannot wait to see what you come up with.  Have a great week!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Challenge #183

Well, summer is almost over.  In North America, we celebrated Labour Day yesterday and now all the kids (in Canada, anyway) are back in school.  Hopefully that means more time for each of us to do some of the things we really like to do - like card making or any other creative endeavours.  On that note, this is the final week for our "Anything That Makes Us Happy" theme and next week, we go back to optional themes to jump start our projects.  I am so looking forward to that.  I know that I have a difficult time getting started and our themes usually get me going.  I don't think our design team has problems though - they are so very talented ladies. But enough rambling........

Here are our top 3 for challenge #181 (in no particular order):

Wow! Ladies, you rock!  Congratulations to our top three and a big thank you to everyone else who participated this week.  You are all great card makers and the choices are always very difficult for the team.

On to our challenge for this week...here is the sketch:
And the gorgeous samples from the team:

OK, now it is your turn to get out your supplies and have some "me time".  Hope you enjoy it!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Challenge #182

Good day to all!  I hope you are having a great week.  I am sure it is a busy one.  In North America, it is back-to-school time and I am sure everyone is getting back into a routine.  I sure hope that routine involves more crafting time for you.
Our top three were very difficult to pick this week with 10 of the 13 entries receiving votes. Wow! Talk about hard choices.  After a great deal of thought, here are the top 3 for challenge #180 (in no particular order):

You know that the quality is high when that many cards garner votes so hats off to you, our top 3. 

Now for this week's sketch:
(This is my very favourite sketch of all time - so far, that is)

And the samples from the ladies:

Our team has shown you some AMAZING cards based on our sketch!  You just have to be inspired, I know it.  So please post your own creations below.
Thanks so much for dropping by this week!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Challenge #181

Hi to everyone! Thanks for visiting this week.  
Let's begin with the top 3 from Challenge # 179.  here they are in no particular order:

I think the team did a great job choosing three awesome cards.  Congrats to our top 3 and to everyone who entered for some really great work!

Now for this week's sketch:

And our theme is still "Whatever Makes You Happy"

Here are the examples from the ladies on our team:

Once again, ladies, your cards are truly an inspiration.  I am so lucky to have such a great team.  And I am sure that your work will spur others on to create beautiful cards of their own.  I cannot wait to see what everyone comes up with.

Now, just one last note.  This week we are wishing Rose a good bye (but, who knows, she may be back).  At this time, she has to step down and she will be sadly missed.

Take care all, and have a good week.