Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Challenge #238

Good Tuesday morning to all!  I hope that you are enjoying your new season - be it autumn or spring (depending upon where you live).  
Our photo this week is an autumn one - at least for us.  The blue jays do not come to our feeders until fall and they have just started to return to feed.

The top three for challenge #236 are as follows (in random order):

It was exceptionally hard to pick this week as the cards were all so great.  I would like to give a shout out for this card as well from Jessica. She posts every week on our Facebook age and her card came in a very close fourth.
Thanks to everyone who joined our challenge!

On to the main event - our sketch for this week....It is courtesy of Barb.  Our theme (should you choose to use it) is HOORAY!
The team came up with some really inspiring cards from this sketch.  Let's look at them:

Beautiful cards by the team.  As you can see, you can use a sketch in so many ways and come up with some really great results.  I hope you take our challenge!
As always, our challenge will run for two weeks and you can post your card below or as a comment on our Facebook page.  Happy card making, everyone!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Challenge #237

Good morning and welcome to Try Stampin'-Or Not!  We are glad you stopped by and hope you get a chance to participate this week.
We generally begin with our photo of the week.  I post an image I took throughout the previous week.
Here is today's photo:
This is indeed a photo but I did some artistic processing in photoshop.  As I look back, there is much I would change but, like any art, photography is a process where one continues to experiment and grow.  Let me know what you think.

On to our top 3 from challenge #235.  They are in no particular order.
(from Facebook)

Awesome cards, ladies!  And great cards from everyone else as well!  Thanks to all who entered.

Our sketch this week is courtesy of Hillary and our theme (should you choose to use it) is THANK YOU.
As you can see, there are endless possibilities for this challenge.  Here are the cards created by our team:

I am sure you are inspired by these beautiful cards to join in our challenge.  You can enter below or as a comment to the post on our Facebook page.  Our challenges run for two weeks and I invite everyone to play along.

As a final note, I would like to thank the amazing ladies on our team.  Along with being great designers and crafters, they are the most giving group of women you could ever want to meet.  Without all their help, this site could not even get off the ground some weeks.  I appreciate them so much and I am sure you do too.

Happy card making this week!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Challenge #236

Good morning and good Tuesday to everyone!  I hope this week finds everyone well and happy.

Our photo is one I took the other day.  Yet another of a bee - the bees are very busy in our sunflowers getting ready for winter.  You can see its proboscis fully extended into the flower.

Our top three from challenge #234, in random order, are:

There were lots of great entries for this sketch and it was extremely difficult to choose!  Hooray for the top three and a huge thank you to all who participated!

Now, on to this week's sketch (courtesy of Barb):
This is a basic sketch with lots of possibilities.  You may even want to make a Gate Fold Card.  It is up to you.  Here are the samples from our team to get your creative juices flowing:


Great cards from the team!  I am sure you have lots of ideas now to create a card of your own.  Remember, our challenge runs for two weeks and you can enter here or on our Facebook page  as a comment to the post.
I hope you have a fun week and get some time to be creative.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Challenge #235

School days, school days...in most of North America, the children go back to school today giving moms some needed time to themselves (hopefully to get some crafting done).  And yesterday was Labour Day so I guess the two together mean the summer is winding down here.  But lucky outhern hemisphere, yours is just beginning.  Either way, I hope everyone can find some time for themselves this week and do what you really love to do.

Our photo this week is yet another from our backyard - in particular, our sunflower garden.
The bees are very active right now.  This sunflower is a velvet queen - my husband's favourite.

On to the top three for challenge #233.

(from Facebook)

Really great cards, ladies!  Congratulations on making our top three!  And thank you to everyone who entered either here or on Facebook.  We really appreciate your participation AND your creativity.

Now for this week's challenge.....
The sketch is courtesy of Hillary and he optional theme is SCHOOL DAYS.  Remember though, you do not have to use this theme......let your creativity take you where it may.
And here are the samples from the team:

(Wow!  She made two!)

I am sure you will all agree, these are great cards from the team!  (Some used the theme and some did not)  I know you are inspired by them to create some awesome cards of your own.
Just a reminder, our challenges run for two weeks and you may enter below or on our Facebook page.  BTW, why don't you check our the Try Stampin' - Or Not Facebook page and join in our discussions as well.
Have a great week!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Challenge #234

Good day to everyone!  I hope all is well.  In North America it is back-to-school time so hopefully any moms out there will find more time for themselves now - maybe even get in some crafting!

Our photo this week is a little bit of a different one - the seeds from a cucumber.  Apparently I have been making too many pickles and have cucumbers on the brain.  Still, I think it is kind of cool.

On to our top three from challenge #232... 

(from Facebook)

(from Facebook)

Beautiful cards!  Congrats to you three and thanks to everyone else who entered their amazing cards!

Now for this week's challenge..
Our sketch is courtesy of Sarah C. and the techinque challenge (if you would like to use it) is Shaker Card.

Here are the samples from our team:

WOW!!!!!  Great cards, ladies.  Ad awesome use of our technique.  I know our viewers will want to get down to some serious card making now.

Remember everyone, our challenges now run for two weeks  and you can enter below or on our Facebook page.

I hope you have a great week!