Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Challenge #299

Hello!  Glad you could stop by.  Especially since the season is starting to get busy for a lot of you.  I, myself, am a late planner for the holidays so it has not really hit me yet.  I do appreciate that you have taken a little bit of time to check in with us, though!

Our photo this week is a "bragging" one.  My grandson, for the second year in a row, won the best offensive football player award at his team's banquet so I converted this photo to black and white so it looks like a newspaper article.

On to our top cards for challenge #297....here they are in no particular order.  Congratulations ladies and thanks to all who played along.

Here is this week's challenge, a great sketch with the optional theme, Love the Season.  
Thanks to LeAnne for this sketch:
And here are the cards from our team:

Thank you so much for these great cards, team!  Once again, you knocked it out of the park.  I am sure our viewers will take inspiration from your beautiful cards!
Remember, everyone, you have two weeks to get your cards in and you can play here or on Facebook.  Happy creating!   And again, thanks for visiting our site.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Challenge #298

Hello everyone!  Glad to see you back again.  For all of you in the USA, Happy Thanksgiving this Thursday.  To everyone else, happy November.  
Last week, I told you I was going to start including my "photo of the week" again...so here goes:
 Yes, we have snow.  I used some selective colouring to portray this bird feeder as a welcoming haven in a winter landscape.

Now, on to our top cards for challenge #296.  Before I show you the cards, I just want to remind you all that I have to be able to download your cards to be able to showcase them.  Two of my favourites are from Flicker and the authors have disabled downloading so I am not able to give them the recognition they deserve.  I have asked before that if you are going to post your cards, please, please, please let me show our viewers your work.  Enough on this topic; here are our top three:

Great cards, ladies!  And awesome use of our sketch!  Thanks to everyone who participated and a round of applause for our top three!

This week's challenge is a sketch courtesy of Donna and the optional technique is Gatefold.
And here are the cards from our team:

Wow!  Very cool cards this week; and each so different from the others.  I am sure our viewers will gather inspiration and ideas from these.  Thanks, team, for your wonderful talents.
Remember, everyone, that you have two weeks to create your card and you can enter below or on our Facebook page.  Thanks for visiting.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Challenge #297

Hi!  Well, folks, we are deep into November now and the holidays are around the corner so I really want to thank everyone who finds time to visit us during this busy time.  I know it isn't easy to make time for a hobby this time of year but I hope you keep trying to ----it is important for one's sanity to always have "me" time.  I am finding that out. Since I went back to work, my photography has really suffered and I am not nearly as happy.  I have to do something about that. So, starting next week, I will be posting photos of the week again, just to make myself take some unstructured time.  Hope you don't mind.

Now for our top cards from Challenge #295.  Here they are:

Beautiful cards, ladies!  And each so different from the others. Congratulations to our top four and a hearty thanks to all who participated.

Our sketch this week is another from Kaylin.  I am so lucky to have members on the team who are always willing to step up and help me out.  Without them, we would have folded long ago.
Here is the sketch:
The optional theme is Window.

And here are the cards from the ladies:

Beautiful as always, team!  I know you will inspire others to give this challenge a go.  Remember, everyone, that our challenge runs for two weeks and you can enter below or as a post on our Facebook page.  Happy crafting and have a great week!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Challenge #296

Well, folks, our "Getting Ready For The Holidays" month is over at last.  I hope you had some great fun.  I know our designers did.  There are still a couple of prizes to award. Both will be announced in next Tuesday's post as challenges run for two weeks and we want to give everyone the proper chance to enter.  So, if you have not done the blog hop or your card for Challenge #295, there is still a week left.

On to our top cards from Challenge #294; here they are in no particular order.

Great takes on the sketch, ladies!  Congrats!  And thank you to everyone who entered.

Now for this week's sketch...............
Another from Kaylin.  With the OPTIONAL THEME Thanksgiving.  Use it or not, it is up to you.
And here are the cards from our talented team:

Beautiful cards, team, and great use of the sketch.  Our team is the very best around and I am certain our viewers will agree.  Thanks so much for your hard work, creativity and inspiration.

Remember, everyone, that there are two weeks to enter and you can use the linky below or post on our Facebook page.  Happy card making!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Challenge #295 - Blog Hop

Hello again!  I want to thank everyone who participated in our "Getting Ready For The Holidays" month.  Technically, tomorrow is a new month but we have decided to end October one day late.

First, our top cards from Challenge #293.  There were several entries so we will do a top four....
In no particular order, here they are.

Each and every card this week was great!  There easily could have been a couple more winners as well.  Thanks to all who played along and a great big HOORAY!  for our top four.

Now for our challenge this week.  Sketch #295 is one of my favourites so far and the optional technique is to add dimension.
For this sketch, we are holding a Blog Hop.  For those of you who have never participated in one, it is simple... just click on the link below to the first designer's blog (or Facebook page).  There you will find her card.  Leave a comment and then follow the link she provides to the next designer's site and so on until you have visited all ten different designers' pages.   Remember to leave a comment on each site as there will be a draw from the names of those who do take the time to comment.  Our designers work very hard and do high quality work and this is a chance to thank them for keeping this challenge site going.  
As always, you will have two weeks to get your card completed.  There will also be a draw for a prize from ALL of the entries during this event.
To start things rolling, here is the sketch (thanks again to Kaylin):

Here is Shell's take on the sketch:

Now, here is your first stop on the blog hop:
Hope you have fun on this journey, and please, leave the ladies some kindness and love!