Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Challenge #297

Hi!  Well, folks, we are deep into November now and the holidays are around the corner so I really want to thank everyone who finds time to visit us during this busy time.  I know it isn't easy to make time for a hobby this time of year but I hope you keep trying to ----it is important for one's sanity to always have "me" time.  I am finding that out. Since I went back to work, my photography has really suffered and I am not nearly as happy.  I have to do something about that. So, starting next week, I will be posting photos of the week again, just to make myself take some unstructured time.  Hope you don't mind.

Now for our top cards from Challenge #295.  Here they are:

Beautiful cards, ladies!  And each so different from the others. Congratulations to our top four and a hearty thanks to all who participated.

Our sketch this week is another from Kaylin.  I am so lucky to have members on the team who are always willing to step up and help me out.  Without them, we would have folded long ago.
Here is the sketch:
The optional theme is Window.

And here are the cards from the ladies:

Beautiful as always, team!  I know you will inspire others to give this challenge a go.  Remember, everyone, that our challenge runs for two weeks and you can enter below or as a post on our Facebook page.  Happy crafting and have a great week!

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