Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Challenge #109

Hi, this was supposed to post yesterday but the power was down for twelve hours Monday and now the internet here is so slow that I cannot get the pics to load very well.  I am trying one last time and if that does not work, I will have to stretch last week's sketch into a two week challenge.

Our sketch this week is courtesy of Mynnette. Thanks so much.
ANd here are the samples from the team....

Sarah T.



Paula L.

Sarah C.

Mary Jo




Aren't they great? I have to apologize to Paula R. And Tanya.  I am not able to upload their pics but you can find them on their blogs.
Thanks to everyone for being patient with me during this S l o w process.  Next week, I will be back home so everything will be back to normal.
(P.S. I will post the top three later today ----I hope!)

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MarvA1ix said...

Your layout was perfect for a quick and easy card this week. Love the samples from your design team, because they all look so springy.