Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Challenge #272

Good day to all!  
It is gorgeous here and fingers crossed, I think summer might be on its way.  We got lots of yard work done and our garden is coming up..everything is great on our front.  I hope you can say the same wherever you are.

Our photo this week is of a tulip (from our garden) blowing in the wind.
The tulips are so pretty; I just wish they lasted longer.

On to our top cards from challenge #270.....here they are (in no particular order).

Great cards, ladies!
Just a note, though:  If you are going to enter our challenge, please make sure your image is either a jpeg or png format.  There was a card we wanted to highlight but it was on Flickr and it was a link.  It is too bad we cannot spotlight that card as well.  If you do not have a blog, you can always post it on our Facebook page; everyone will see it there.

Now for challenge #272 with an optional theme Summer Fun.
Looks like a really fun one to me!
And here are the cards from our team:

Very cool cards, team!  And each one is so unique. I am sure you have inspired our viewers with these examples.
Remember, everyone, our challenge runs for two weeks and you can enter below (using the linky) or on our Facebook page.
Happy creating and enjoy your week!

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