Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Top Cards Challenge 422

Hello all I hope everyone has just been too busy with back to school and last min end of summer time to craft along with us. So we will be showcasing all the cards received for Challenge 422 this week. They made lovely cards.

I wouldnt mind knowing what kept you from playing long. Was the sketch too out there? Maybe the photo not inspiring for you? Or just didnt have the time? Let me know in the comments. I want to make the best challenges that I can that you love. 


Rose said...

Awesome cards ladies!!

honestly i just could not get the sketch to work out how i wanted. totally my fault not yours at all :)

MA-MI said...

Thanks for showcasing my work.
Regards, Maja

Catnip and kitty whiskers said...

I don't know about others, but it was a super busy week. Great cards that were showcased!

Aimeslee Winans said...

I actually love that sketch and had it resized in PSE and printed out and everything gathered for it to make. I just didn't get there, so I guess ran out of time. xox